Tips on What you should do if you are involved in a Car Smash

Imagine you are driving along the sunset with a hot cup of coffee, taking in all the positive vibes that the scene has to offer; But Bam! someone has just smashed into your car from behind. At this point in time you are a party to a crash, or shall I say you are one of those 150 unlucky people that are involved in a crash in WA (Western Australia) on a daily average basis. No matter what the damage is, a car crash can be really upsetting, stressful and can result in post-accident trauma. However, as a party you have a number of duties and obligations to fulfill. It’s important to stay calm and follow these simple steps.

    • You need to stop your car immediately and turn the hazard lights on.

    • Make sure that you are not injured and if it is safe then exit the car immediately.

    • Make sure other parties and people in surrounding are also safe and there is no one injured at the scene. Also make sure that a call is made to emergency services if any help is required (Emergency Service number for Western Australia (Perth) are 112 if dialing on a mobile phone and 000 when calling from a landline).

    • Also, you need to stay on the scene till emergency services arrive. If it is a minor accident, please don’t call the police.

    • Also, in a minor accident make sure that vehicles involved are moved out of the traffic flow. If you want your vehicle to be towed, please contact Jordan 0477900800 Impact Towing 24/7 car/vehicle towing service.

    • You should never admit the responsibility for the car crash until the incident is assessed by the concerned authorities.

    • Collect as many details as possible from the other parties involved and note them down. Also, it is important that you collect the contact details of witnesses (if any).

Now there must be a question hoping in your mind and that is what details do I need?

So the answer is very simple. By law, drivers involved in a crash must stop and supply their name and address (unless they have a disability). If they refuse, please call the police. The following additional information can also be really helpful and can result in an expediated car insurance claim process.

    • Collect the full name, address and contact details (phone numbers and/or email addresses) of all parties involved in the crash.

    • Note down the other vehicles’ registration numbers, the make and model of vehicles involved and the other parties’ vehicle insurers.

    • Record the time, date, and location of the crash and everything you can remember about what happened. Note the street names and position of any vehicles involved. Diagrams can help and are a requirement at the time of claim for most insurance companies.

    • If possible, take photos of the scene & driver’s license of all involved with your mobile phone.

Now comes the tricky part you want your vehicle back on the road, because life goes on, right? So now you need to contact Swan Smash Repairs and take your car to an approved repairer for an estimate and to get your car fixed. You can contact our experienced team at SWAN SMASH REPAIRS, located at just a 10-minute drive from the Perth CBD. Swan Smash Repairs is a family owned business for last 30 Years and we offer services like car smash repairs, panel beaters, spray painting, Insurance repairs, Rapid Repair Centre, fleet taxi repairs. Not only this but we also specialized in not at fault claim service, complete vehicle restoration and complimentary loan cars. While team at SWAN SMASH REPAIRS evaluate the damage, you need to provide incident details like relevant videos and images of the incident to your insurance company as they will be the one covering the cost for damage. If your plan includes a rental option, then make sure you place a request with your insurance provider to arrange a rental car ASAP. Trust me! You don’t want to waste hours taking public transport to work or dropping your children off to school in a bus.

I hope that the day never comes but these tips can save you many hours and thousands of dollars in case you unfortunately end up in a car smash. So please keep these tips to deal with a car smash repair in mind and Visit our website to get easy quotations on repairs and discounted deals.

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