Flat Tyres: Top 12 Common Causes

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a flat tyre when you least expect it.

A tyre is flat when it loses a large amount of air pressure. However, the reasons behind flat tyres can be many. Sometimes it is possible to tell if a tyre is going to become flat in the immediate futures due to visible bumps and other abnormalities on the tyre.

Other times, a flat may come out of the blue.

If you see any damage on your tyre, you must not drive until the tyre has been thoroughly checked. 

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A flat tyre is something that the majority of drivers have experienced at least once in their lifetime. 

If you have experienced a flat tyre situation, you know what it feels like to see your car with a flat tyre. They can even create a situation which might have an impact on the driver’s safety depending on the time the flat tyre issue has taken place.

Regular maintenance of tyres can assist in reducing flat tyre occurrence.


If you’ve got a frustrating flat tyre, here are the top 12 likely causes.


1. Improper Inflation 

Improper inflation is the top cause of flat tyres. 

While buying new tyres you must make sure that the tyres are inflated properly, if you are not an expert with tyres makes sure to have expert assistance. 

If the tyre isn’t inflated properly then it might come off the rim of the wheel and release air. 

This issue can be solved by getting the tyre re-seated and re-inflated by a professional. 


2. Sharp Object Puncture 

Another very common cause of a flat tyre is a puncture from a sharp object. 

Sharp objects include things such as nails or glass which puncture the tyre and release the air from it, causing a flat tyre. 

To avoid punctures by sharp objects, it is preferable not to drive around debris on the road or the parking area. 

This is reinforced by the commercial bird control team at No More Birds. They explain “sharp objects can be tough to notice until it’s too late. Working in bird control, we’ve seen birds damage structures with the debris falling onto roads and driveways and causing havoc. To fix these, get in the habit of checking your driveway and around your home to ensure you don’t miss anything dangerous.”


3. Leaky/Damaged Valve Stem

Leaky or damaged Valve Stem is a major cause for flat tyres since they release the air slowly. 

It is a small part of your tyre which is unscrewed when you need to fill the tyre. Dirt that has been clogged up in the stem can also be the reason for flat tyres. 



4. Sharp/Bumpy Roads 

Constant driving on bumpy and sharp roads cause the steel belts located in the tyre to split which causes a hole along the side of the tyre. 

This hole will eventually release all the air and make your tyres go flat. 

The solution to give your vehicle a regular inspection by a professional. It’s also best to look for any damage to the tyre by yourself first. 

According to concreting specialists at KJ Concreting you should treat your tyres to smooth surfaces as much as you can. They explain that “when you provide your car with a smooth surface, you eliminate any future damage to your car and paying excessive amounts on tyre replacement. Much like tyres, concrete cracks under pressure or wears over time so it’s important to avoid potholes, worn asphalt and/or gravel-based roads. Your tyres deserve a smooth ride”. 


5. Ripped Tyres

A ripped tyre is very dangerous and a common cause of flat car tyres. 

It can create major safety issues for the driver on the road. It is necessary to check from any damage on the tyres, such as worn or uneven areas of some parts of the tyre.



6. Checking Air Pressure

It is preferable to check the pressure in your tyres before driving. 

The air pressure will change regularly as the tyres heat up and the suggested pressure should be in the tyre when the air inside is cold. 


7. Vandalism 

Vandalism is when someone damaged your tyres, mainly by poking them with sharp objects which eventually leads to releasing the air out of the tyre. 

The solution to this is to just inflate the tyres as there is not need to replace it. 

You should also be aware of where you are parking your car and choose a place that is most safe. This issue is often overlooked but is very common in some areas, especially where there are teenagers playing pranks. 


8. Tyre Bead Leaks 

Air can leak from the tyre bead sometimes, which is the edge of the tyre that leans on to the rim. This leak will eventually cause the tyre to go flat as it keeps releasing the air that is stored inside. 

To solve this issue you are required to spray your wheels and valve system with soapy water, if your tyre releases tiny bubbles, it means your tyres have a bead leak. 


9. Over-pumped tyres

A flat tyre can occur due to the tyre being over pumped. 

This can create a dangerous situation and mostly results in a blowout. This is why it’s best to get your tyres pumped by a trusted professional. 


10. Contact with another object

This split is normally caused when you rub the wheel sharply against something the sidewalk during parking your car. 

This is what makes the tyre to slip from the rim and causes a slow release of air from the tyre. 

This issue doesn’t have a particular solution but can be taken care of by an experienced mechanic. 

According to the Driveway Doctor concrete sealers these accidents often happen at home. They explain “while people are vigilant on the road, many times the accidents that damage tyres happen at home in comfortable surrounds. Pay particular attention when exiting or entering your driveway to avoid an unwanted dent or piece of damage to your tyres.”


11. Tread Separation

Tread separation was very common a few decades ago, but it still has some contributes to causing flat tyres. 

When the tread leaves the tyre, the rubber that lies below gets unsheltered and exposed to sharp objects. 

It is necessary to get regular inspections in this case. 


12. Alloy Wheel Leaks 

Cars that have wheels made of aluminum should get their tyre pressure checked as often as possible. If leakage is a constant problem then you must bring your car to a mechanic for getting it fully fixed. 

In some cases, there aren’t ways to stop a flat tyre. It is important to drive safely and be aware of the environment you are in. 


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