6 Ways Technology Is Making Cars Safer

  The advancement of technology has improved many aspects of everyday living. One major area of improvement is the automobile. New innovations in the motor vehicle space have made driving far easier and safer than it was in the past. Even still, breakthroughs continue to be made and the advancement doesn’t appear to be stopping … Continued

8 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

Do you remember how your car looked the first time you took it from the showroom?  Does it have the same glow and sparkle it once had, or the shimmer has faded off completely?  When was the last time you took cleaning with it with care seriously?  Whatever your answer is, there are many different … Continued

The Best Car Rental Deals for Your Budget

Have you crashed your car and need a rental vehicle? Or are you a new business looking to get your first fleet of cars? If you’ve been in a crash, the whole situation can be stressful, especially if you need to make a not at fault claim. Even if you haven’t been in a crash … Continued

Why You Should Repair Your Bumpers As Quickly As Possible

Are your bumpers damaged? Or are you looking for a Welshpool based bumper repair team who can provide professional help at affordable prices? It is very important to repair your bumpers without delay even if you have been in just a small collision. We advise you not to drive a vehicle whose bumpers have been … Continued

5 Tips to Choose the Best Smash Repair Team

If you’re in need of a smash repair team, who do you turn to? There are plenty of smash repair services in and around the Perth CBD.  That said, very few vehicle owners have given a thought about potential service providers they would choose in the event of an accident.  In the event they get … Continued