Advantages Of Hiring A Panel Beater For Your Car

If you are a car owner, you must be familiar with the service and maintenance requirements for your car. 

Which means you’ll likely have heard the following questions at some point…


  • Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? 
  • Is the damage extensive? 
  • Do you want to get your vehicle back to its original condition? 
  • Are you aware of a panel beater? 
  • Why you should get in touch with a panel beater? 

With so many questions, we’ve got all the answers you need.

Here are all the advantages of using the services of a professional panel beater in Western Australia.

 dented blue car panels

What is a panel beater ?

A panel beater is the term used to define a professional specialising in the repair of vehicle body that might have been damaged due to being involved in a minor or major accident. 

A panel beater is well-versed in various methods and techniques required to repair the vehicle panels that are out of shape due to intense damage suffered during the accident. 

How Does a Panel Beater Work? 

Panel beaters can repair a damaged car with the help of various methods and techniques either by hand or by using a variety of machines and materials. 

Some of the important functions employed by a panel beater for repairing and restoring a car back to its original shape include: 

  • refitting the body cabinets
  • welding and restructuring the damaged areas
  • dent removal

Advantages of Hiring a Panel Beater 

The importance of a panel beater when it comes to car repair lies in the fact that every auto repair agency has at least one panel beater on their rolls. There are a number of advantages of hiring the services of a professional panel beater in India. 

#1 – Access to all the tools and techniques

Having access to the latest tools and techniques means a panel beater can repair the damaged panels and other parts of your vehicle. They are proficient with the use of these tools and they make sure that your vehicle is repaired without any undue risk. 

A number of tools are required for proper repair of a damaged vehicle irrespective of the repair being minor or major, and a person using those tools needs to be properly trained in order to finish the job in a proper manner. 

#2 – Post-accident help

A panel beater provides professional help in order to fix your vehicle and ensure that it gets back to its original state. It doesn’t matter how much damage has happened as a well-trained and professional panel beater will make sure that your vehicle is fixed in all respects. 

hail damage panel beater

#3 – Saves you money

In case your vehicle has suffered extensive damage due to the accident and you are thinking about getting a new vehicle to replace the old one, keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of money to get a completely new vehicle. 

A much better and cheaper option is to hire a panel beater to repair your existing vehicle. It will save you a lot of money. In simple terms, hiring the services of a panel beater is more cost-effective as compared to buying a completely new vehicle.

The second-hand used car loans team at Credit Capital have an exclusive tip, saying you can invest in older cars and increase the resale value by using panel beaters. They explain “used car finance is not nearly as expensive as many people think. With personal loans having higher interest rates than used car loans, you can invest in a vehicle, have it professionally restored, and increase the value when you sell it. So not only will a panel beater save you money, but they’ll help you make money too.”

#4 – You’re in control

A professional panel beater will also ensure that your vehicle is repaired as per your requirements. They won’t make any additions or deletions without your express approval. Also, they understand the importance of working within the budget they have been given. Simply put, they will make sure that the repair work is completed under your complete control. 

The team from Robinson Acounting recommend shopping around. They explain “where your finances are concerned, you should always do your homework. Reach out to multiple panel beaters in your local area and find a price that’s right for you. That’s how you get quality results at an affordable price.”

Overall, these are some of the major benefits of hiring the services of a professional panel beater. 

In case your vehicle has been in an accident and has suffered extensive damage, the right decision for you is to get in touch with a panel beater near you. They have the required experience and expertise to get your vehicle back to shape within the required budget.

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