5 Tips for Looking After Your Motorbike in 2020

If you have your own motorbike, you are free to go anywhere you want. 

Imagine this! The wind blowing through your hair, taking the road to any destination in your mind. That’s the life! 

However, your motorbike will not always look so good if you don’t wash and wax it regularly.

Even worse, the engine might fail to turn in the morning because you have neglected a few check-ups. Just like you exercise, eat and maintain physical hygiene as well as go for medical check-ups to remain healthy, so does your mikeotorb. That way, you can always have your motorbike when you need it rather than leaving it at the mechanic’s workshop frequently. 

Have you ever gone to a mechanic and instantly regretted it when they mention the cost for a simple repair? Yes, everyone has done it especially if it’s something that could have been prevented if you took good care of your motorbike. Here are the top maintenance tips to keep your motorbike in the best shape. Actually, they can help you prevent minor issues before they blow up.

mechanic smiling

1. Follow The Manual 

Seems like quite a simple thing to do, doesn’t it? Yes, it is actually that simple. You need to follow the manual of your vehicle so you can extend its life and save a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. Your manufacturer has better knowledge of the motorbike than anyone else out there, so it’s ideal to follow the manual. Imagine if there are two motorbikes with similar problems but different models. There’s no way, they would have the same solutions. 

Any mechanic or garage expert will advise you to insist on the manufacturer’s manual regarding oil changes, servicing the vehicle, understanding the various fluids (their levels and colours) and the proper fuel to use as well as the grade. 

2. Listen To Your motorbike 

You might have a very little understanding about motorbikes. However, your attention will be immediately drawn to anything out of the ordinary. It could be a scratch on the body of the motorbike, a bent, a flat or swollen tire. Therefore, you need to be on the watch out for anything. It’s an ideal way to spot any faults in the motorbike before it escalates into a major issue that needs repair. 

For instance, you should know that driving the motorbike with a bad tire can damage the rims and suspension in the vehicle. Don’t forget to check the threads to make sure they are not threadbare. According to the experts at Mark Rogerson Glass, glass damage can happen quietly if you don’t pay attention. He offers this advice; “Keep in mind that a worn out wiper, if left undetected for a long period, will scratch the windshield causing a lot of damage. As a result, you will be forced to pay a lot of money to cover the damage.”

Take the time to listen and observe your motorbike. Any noise or shake coming from your vehicle is a sign that there is a problem. Don’t ignore these signs, because the problem could become worse and end up costing you a lot of money. 

mechanic fixing bike

3. Take The Time To Check Under The Hood 

There are a few important parts in your motorbike that need to be checked regularly. These include the bonnet, belts, fluids, battery and hoses. For instance, your vehicle depends a lot on the fluids to run effectively. You can use the dipsticks available to check the levels frequently.

According to the team at Mr Highlights Roofing who often drive out to emergency plumbing tasks, it pays to check beforehand to avoid last minute headaches. They say, “don’t forget to check the oil levels so you can protect and increase the lifespan of your engine. Also, you should check the belts for any wear and tear as well as fraying on the edges. You can always consult the manual, especially if you have no idea where to check first.”

4. Choose A Good Mechanic And Stick By Them 

If you look through the manual, you will find that you have to visit a mechanic at one point or the other for servicing. As much as you can follow the manual for most of the things, you need to bring your motorbike to a good mechanic frequently. In that case, you need to have a good mechanic on your side for the nitty-gritty stuff. You shouldn’t wait until you really need a mechanic to start looking for one. 

You need to look for one immediately, even when the motorbike is still new. During an emergency, you might have a huge challenge of investigating anyone working on your vehicle. Keep in mind that when a mechanic checks on your vehicle early enough, they can help prevent the major problems. 

Of course, you need to choose a mechanic you can trust. 

motorbike on empty road

5. Always Keep Your Motorbike Clean 

Regular cleaning is key. Make sure you wash your motorbike regularly if you want to keep it clean. It’s important to remove any debris from your motorbike such as dust, dirt or sand. It’s a good way to make your motorbike durable. This is key according to the linen experts from Tow and Line who note “a dirty motorbike does more than increase the risk of damage, it also ruins your clothing which can cost you hundreds of dollars in yearly replacements. So staying on top of your bike’s maintenance is both a practical and financial decision.”

If you live in the coastal areas, the salt in the evaporated air will corrode the body paint so it’s ideal to wash your motorbike by hand and wax the vehicle frequently to avoid this. 

On the other hand, if you park your motorbike under a tree or in an old garage, you might find some bird droppings, insects or rodents. It might happen if you don’t use your motorbike every day. If that happens, you need to act quickly because the issues might seem small at first but could result in huge health challenges. If there are insects or pest infestations in your vehicle, you need to hire pest control experts to handle them accordingly. 

With these useful tips along with good driving habits, you should be able to enjoy your motorbike for a very long time.