5 Safety Tips Drivers Should Keep In Mind When Driving On Roundabouts

A majority of crashes that occur at intersections results in serious injuries, which is why it’s refreshing to know that roundabouts creates safer traffic conditions. 

What’s the deal with roundabouts? 

Roundabouts deflect vehicles and sends drivers on an arc, which means they reduce the chances of head-on-collisions from happening. 

Roundabouts typically result in a 37% reduction in overall collisions and a 75% reduction in injury collisions. They also typically reduce fatality collisions by roughly 90%. 

Still, roundabouts can be a bit confusing for the drivers that are not used to them.

Even though technology is making cars safer, there are still a few general rules that drivers should follow in order to minimise the chance of an accident. 

There are a few tips new drivers should keep in mind when it comes to approaching and driving on them. 

1. Drive Slow When Coming Up To A Roundabout

Although this sounds like common sense, many people don’t approach roundabouts slowly. It doesn’t matter what type of roundabout you’re approaching, make sure you slow down. Doing this will ensure you remain in complete control of your vehicle. 

If there is a traffic light, you won’t struggle to stop at it. Too many people misjudge their speed when approaching a roundabout that also has a traffic light that allows drivers to enter on it. 

Recent statistics show that around half a million car accidents are caused by women applying makeup while driving. Cosmetic tattoo specialists from Ink Cosmetica say the risk is even higher on roundabouts. 

They say, “women feel like they don’t have to pay so much attention when driving on a roundabout, they are more likely to apply make up there than at a busy intersection. As a result, they forget to slow down or have quick reactions, which is why an accident is likely to happen.”

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2. Give The Right Of Way

Vehicles that have gotten on the roundabout before you are the ones you need to give the right of way to. Some people think the cars on the right are the vehicles that need to be given the right of way. This is why traffic flow is typically impeded at roundabouts. 

This can also cause drivers to become annoyed. Drivers that are behind you could end up driving in a risky way or they may beep at you. In turn, you could make a quick decision that could result in an accident. 

3. Do Not Change Lanes In A Roundabout That Has More Than A Single Lane

Do not exit or try to pass a slower vehicle once you’re on the roundabout. Doing such things in a multi-lane roundabout can result in serious accidents. If need be, just be patient and make a U-turn. 

Rehab professionals from Gold Coast Detox And Rehab Services say drunk drivers are more likely to have an accident on a roundabout since some people, especially drunk ones, are just not very good at driving in a circle. 

They recommend, “it is critical to obey roadside signs, especially when the circle has more than one lane. These signs tell the driver how to get out of the circle and what lane to use. If these aren’t obeyed, an accident can occur.”

4. Do Not Give Drivers A Piece Of Your Mind

You might want to give other drivers a piece of your mind or give them a heads up that something is happening. However, resist that urge. Even if traffic is going very slowly, do not communicate with other drivers. 

All it takes is a split second or two to be involved in an accident. The point is to not take your eyes off the road because you need to see the conditions of the roundabout.

In addition, you need to keep an eye on other drivers to make sure they are not about to cut you off or performing any other risky behaviour. Keeping your eyes on the road should always be your first priority in any kind of situation you encounter on the road. 

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5. Maintain A Safe Distance While Behind Trucks

Always maintain a safe distance behind large vehicles, such as trucks because they have a habit of using two lanes while on a roundabout. When trucks turn and you’re right behind them, then you are at risk of being in an accident. 

The next time you’re approaching a roundabout, make sure you keep the above tips in mind. By doing so, you’ll reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. 

Plus, those tips will make you a safer driver in general, and not just when you’re approaching roundabouts.

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